Asmara Marie

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  2. Female
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  1. +19493919742
  2. 24 Years
  3. 5' 6"
  4. 117 Lbs
  5. 33
  6. Nationality American
  7. Hair Brunette
  8. Eyes Brown
  9. Skin White
  10. Waxing Shaved
  11. Body Regular
  12. Breast Normal
  13. Butt Normal
  14. BioType Natural



Acepta Tarjeta

About Me 🌹

Mesmerizing Asmara So, it’s taken me some time to make an honest straightforward bio. So let’s get to it. My name is Asmara, no it is not my real name (of course not, most of us women... Continuar leyendo
Mesmerizing Asmara So, it’s taken me some time to make an honest straightforward bio. So let’s get to it. My name is Asmara, no it is not my real name (of course not, most of us women do not use our real name for safety) and no I’m not Eritrean. I’m black and white. I picked the name simply because it means love, something I think we’re all in need of these days. I’m a fit girl who literally loves staying active! Yoga & hot yoga at the top of my list! Know of any good hiking spots? I’m down! You can tell I’m active,not just something cute to say like most of these girls. Check out my abs and body! It speaks for itself! All natural! I’m also very mindful of the food that I eat(although I do eat a lot, I’m a FIT FOODIE). Im a California girl through and through! Inhabiting areas from San Francisco to Orange County in my young life! I know a lot of bios laying claims to in verasatility, the “adventurer” and the intelligent conversationalist, and you meet them and it’s…. Blaaaah. BLAH is not a word that can be used when describing me and that’s for sure. I’m definitely a memorable person, and not just in this world. I’m the pretty girl passing by you at Starbucks, who you’d expect to ignore you, but to your surprise she speaks first and tells you have a great day, or compliments a fellow unfamiliar woman regarding her beauty, hopefully leaving her mark and improving someone’s day. I can start a conversation with anyone, if they’re willing to engage. Yes I’m that strange intoxicating person smiling and talking to everyone with caffeinated energy while walking her four legged friend with a coffee or tea in hand. Most who know me, know I love animals! I only have one dog but I do want more in the future. I know you’re tired of hearing about how almost every girl here is a model or a student in college, but I assure you I am! I actually have proof. LoL if I get to know you, I’ll show you a movie I appeared in on Netflix, maybe my IMDB & my portfolios. My runway photos, prints, and editorials are just an ask away, only in person as I don’t want my images google searched. Education is also very important to me, although I love meeting new friends in this business and the great opportunities it’s provided me with, It’s something we can’t do forever (unfortunately). Though I’ve been in school for what seems like forever due to me switching my major 100 times, ( ok 5 times) I’ve decided to complete the RN nursing program with the goal of BSN. I would love to travel to 3rd world countries and help those less fortunate have access to healthcare. Covid taught me a lot in these almost two years, and that’s compassion and wanting to do my part for others, which lead me to my final decision in healthcare. I’m pretty sure I’ve racked your brain with my mini life story, so if there’s anything else you would like to know, please feel free to send me a text or an email for further assistance. Hygiene is also very important to me and it’s greatly appreciated! This is a date so treat it like one and shower before hand. Nothing like a clean man who smells good! I’m always asked if these are my real photos and then faced with the constant hesitation if I’m really who I claim to be and please rest assure, it’s me; I promise! I can provide any verification you may need; I understand there’s a lot of annoying cat fishing going around, making it harder to prove validity for us honest girls! I am independent and do not have an assistant so please be patient when it comes to responses to emails or texts. Last minute appointments are available but not guaranteed; prebooking is greatly appreciated with a 25% deposit to confirm your appointment with me. The deposit is subtracted from the total donation. I accept Venmo, cash app, Zelle, and crypto for deposits.


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I'm located in Sacramento California United States
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